Monday, August 3, 2009


So I was perusing the interwebs the other day (at work - my interwebs are down again) and I came across this photo by Benjamin Fitts:

and something about it was really striking to me. Just that something, Brides, usually so overdone and so *fabulous* and almost dizzyingly fancy was just being shown in simple red letters on a simple, small building. The technicalities of the photo as well are really striking - it seems a little over exposed, everything seems dull except for these exceptionally red bold letters. In that way, the small house does make a statement about what it is - the letter makes it special, distinguish it from its surroundings in such a definate way.

Since my last "concluding" entry, i've definately continued learning about myself and defining who I am. I've seen that I like to go out to latin dance clubs as opposed to clubs where people just dance, and by dance I mean rub around on eachother. I'm continuing to discover just how deep my sarcasm runs, but also learning that it's lost on some people. I'm learning and thinking about the places my life is going to take me in this upcoming year. I'm terrified, excited, bewildered, and overwhelmed. but on top of that, I think I'm also ready to take it on. I feel like a mix between a capable hunter and a wild animal - i'm ready to take anything on with ferocity, but also planning how I'm going to take it on.

I've figured out that I'm a calm person - I like a quiet night at home with friends more than I like going out to bars. However, and this is what's hard for me to understand, this does not make me a boring person. I used to think that I would love going out at night, that I would want to do it as often as possible. But really? I don't. I feel like that's almost the difference between the bridal store above and say, a couture wedding house in the city. They both stand out, they're both important, but they're just doing it in different ways.

sounds ridiculously simple I know, but when you're one of the only 21 yr olds you know that aren't SUPER PSYCHED about the liquor buying possibilities, it gets harder and harder to see...especially whenever you DO order a drink, people make a big deal out of it. the situation actually reminds me of camp...I never used to curse, but whenever i did curse, people stared wide-eyed. i think it's the attention about it that gets me. but I guess I could see it as if that bridal store in the photo started serving celebrity cliental it might raise a few eyebrows.

moral of this story: still learning and growing. Stay tuned in the upcomming year around december and next summer for updates from AUSTRALIA AND EUROPE!


nitemare453 said...

cant wait!!!
hey what about your stubborn streak? :-) :-) :-)

serena said...

hey :)

i'm learning that about myself too - that i'm quiet but it doesn't mean i'm boring. i've struggled with it for much of the same reasons you've mentioned: not actually enjoying going out to large noisy parties and clubs where people grind on one another, not wanting to drink very much (*maybe* half a glass of wine) if at all, not wanting to smoke pot, and so on...and /everyone/ else seems to want to. most people anyway. and it feels weird to be that odd "man" out. but it doesn't mean we're not cool people! we're just not *their* definition of cool - and i wouldn't want to be anyway.